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sclera lenses (or scleral lenses) are contact lenses that are larger than normal lenses. In fact, compared to normal lenses (diameter 14.00 - 14.50 mm), the sclera lenses can vary from a diameter of 17.00mm (also called " Mini-sclera ") up to a diameter of 22.00mm . Clearly the material of manufacture is absolutely safe and of high quality , like all Sacadranca products.

These dimensions make them the most suitable lenses for those who want to recreate cosplay with absolute realism , with minimal attention to detail. By covering also the white part of the eye, that is the "sclera", the texture of the lens will be extended to the whole eye, making the final effect incredibly realistic .

Basically they work like normal lenses, but, as it should be, they require a few more tricks . First of all, the procedure for inserting them is similar (here is a small guideline taken from our previous article ):
  1. Before starting, wash your hands thoroughly your hands with soap (preferably neutral antibacterial soap), rinse well and dry hands with a lint-free towel (paper towels or toilet paper may leave traces);
  2. Extract gently the lens from the special container and place it on the fingertip of the hand index , not on the nail. After that make sure that all the edges of the lenses are raised and that it has a concave position. Since the Sacadranca lenses are all soft, check that you have not turned it upside down. Check carefully that the lens is free of scratches, tears and / or missing pieces . If you notice lint or dust, rinse with the appropriate solution ;
  3. Use the index finger of the other hand to raise the mobile eyelid of the eye, so as to avoid its contraction. Lower , then, with the middle finger of the hand with which the lenses will be applied, the fixed eyelid (or, alternatively, also with the thumb of the hand with which the mobile eyelid is being raised);
  4. Direct the lens towards the eye slowly and with a steady hand. Try not to make sudden movements or close the eyelids;
  5. Since the size of sclera lenses is larger than normal lenses, the procedure for positioning them is slightly different. In fact, the sclera must be inserted under an eyelid (first the upper or lower one, depending on how you feel better), thus facilitating the insertion of the lens on the surface of the eye. Once positioned under the first eyelid, gently accompany the rest of the lens towards the eye, possibly moving the other eyelid as well, for a more comfortable insertion ;
  6. DO NOT neglect pain or discomfort. If you are not sure how the cosmetic lens has been applied, remove it, clean it well and repeat the procedure;
  7. Repeat the operation for the other eye.
Clearly, being a lens of different dimensions from the "standard" ones, the various operations must be carried out with extreme attention and care , also given that the insertion of such a large lens, at least for the first Sometimes, it is a new "event" also for our eyes, which will have to get used to this new situation. Once the lenses have been worn and the period in which to wear them is over, they must be stored in a special lens holder , suitable for their size (on our website you can find it for sale HERE ), this to avoid damage during the storage phase In fact, storing the lenses correctly is one of the crucial phases of their duration:
  • Using a lens holder that is too small would mean that, once put away, during the closure of the caps, part of the lens is damaged by the closure, making them unusable;
  • If received in small glass vials, the lenses can be stored inside them, but this not nor implies the right conservation . This is because the lens will not be properly stored (being soft lenses and being inside a liquid, they could flex on themselves, creating small air bubbles during insertion into the vials or incorrect positions for prolonged storage) and thus being able to cause discomfort once worn.
So, if you want to take the level of your cosplay to a higher level, with a realistic effect, the Sclera Lenses are the most suitable choice, obviously following these small tricks! .