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Wearing our colored lenses is a unique, fun and whimsical experience . This is not to say that the safety and protection of your eyes should not be given importance. For this reason cosmetic lenses MUST be properly maintained and cleaned to avoid any danger.

manutenzione e sicurezza delle lenti a contatto

Introduction to the maintenance of Sacadranca colored lenses.

Before purchasing contact lenses of any kind, even if not prescription and not considered as a medical device, our advice is to consult an optician or eye specialist for suitability for use. This is because the eyes may react differently depending on certain characteristics that depend from subject to subject. Another of our advice is to not keep our colored lenses worn for a particularly long period of time because it could harm the health of the eye.

Furthermore, anyone suffering from particular ailments (any infection; any allergy affecting the eyes; any chronic eye disease; any cornea problem) must not wear cosmetic lenses to avoid further ocular problems due to the insertion of the lenses themselves.

After this brief introduction, let's now move on to maintenance of contact lenses Sacadranca .

Once you have purchased colored lenses, it is of primary importance to be informed on how to clean and maintain them. For this we will provide you with a rich and comprehensive list of tips on how to keep your eyes perfectly safe:

  • Before handling the lenses, wash your hands with water and neutral soap, rinse and dry them with a clean cloth. Water must not come into contact with your lenses; . Leave, for at least a couple of hours (the ideal time frame would be 24 hours), the lenses soak in the special single solution before use;
  • Clean cosmetic lenses with the unique solution, removing any residues of make-up, cosmetics and other deposits that alter the comfort and safety of the lenses themselves. For the avoidance of doubt, rinse with liquid whenever the lenses come into contact with anything other than your eye;
  • Place the lenses in the special clean case and fill the latter with clean single solution. Do not reuse or top up the old solution. Throw , then, the dirty solution. If used frequently, the liquid should be replaced at least 1/2 times every two weeks, remembering, however, to rinse the lenses, on the palm of your hand, with a small dose of solution at each use (see GIF below);

manutenzione e sicurezza delle lenti a contatto

Spray the unique solution on the palm of the hand for greater hydration and safety

  • Do not put contact lenses in your mouth to moisten them. Saliva is not a sterile solution. . Remove lenses before going to sleep and before any activity involving contact with water, including showering or swimming;
  • Immediately remove lenses in case there is unexpected redness, burning or irritation of your eyes. In these cases, consult a doctor.
  • Do not use lenses for longer than the expiration date indicated on the package. For example, if contact lenses are annual, consider 365 days from the day the lenses are opened.
  • Do not wear colored lenses that appear damaged and compromised. . Do not insert more than one pair of lenses at a time.
  • Do not let other people use the same lenses you wear It could compromise the health of your eyes.

Now you are aware of everything you need to know before putting on any pair of cosmetic colored lenses and you are ready to immerse yourself in this wonderful changeover experience.

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