mettere e togliere lenti a contatto sacadranca




The following article will explain how to put on and then remove colored contacts.

It's nothing complicated and, with practice, it will become very simple and quick . If you are looking for advice on the maintenance of your cosmetic lenses, the article dedicated to this topic will be released soon.


  1. Before starting, as in any case where you touch the lenses, you should wash your hands thoroughly with soap (preferably neutral antibacterial soap), rinse well and dry your hands with a lint-free towel (paper towels or paper hygiene may leave traces);
  2. Gently remove the lens from the container and place it on the skin of the index finger of the hand , not on the nail. After that make sure that all the edges of the lenses are raised and that it has a concave position. Since the Sacadranca lenses are all soft, check that you have not turned them upside down. Check carefully that the lens is free of scratches, tears and/or missing pieces. If you notice lint or dust, rinse with the appropriate solution;
  3. Use the index finger of the other hand to lift the mobile eyelid of the eye, so as to avoid contraction of it. Then, lower the fixed eyelid with the middle finger of the hand with which you will apply the cosmetic lenses (or, alternatively, also with the thumb of the hand with which you are lifting the mobile eyelid). With experience, it will be enough to lower only the fixed eyelid;

Putting on Sacadranca lenses (demonstration point 3)

  1. Direct the lens towards the eye slowly and with a steady hand. Try not to make sudden movements or close your eyelids. It may be helpful to look upwards and not focus too much on the eye movements in question;

Putting on Sacadranca colored contact lenses (demonstration point 4)
  1. Gently place the lens on your eye and make sure it is well centered on the iris (the colored part that surrounds the pupil). If necessary, slide it until it is centered. Alternatively, you could place the colored lens on the lower part of the eye and then slowly release the eyelids and close the eye for a few moments to allow the correct positioning of the lens;
  2. Release the lower eyelid first. Doing this with the upper one risks the formation of air bubbles around the eye causing pain;
  3. DO NOT ignore pain or discomfort. If you are not sure how you applied the cosmetic lens, remove it, clean it well and repeat the procedure;
  4. Follow the same instructions for the other eye;
  5. Once the procedure is finished in both eyes , throw away the remaining liquid inside the lens case and close it. Finally, check in the mirror whether the lenses have been inserted correctly.


  1. Always remember to touch the lenses with clean hands . To begin, if necessary, lubricate the eye with eye drops. Pour a few drops into your eye and blink for a few moments. This can help remove the lenses, especially if they are not lubricated but it is not a mandatory step;
  2. Look up and lower your lower eyelid with the middle finger of your favorite hand;
  3. Touch the lower edge of the colored lens with the index finger of the same hand and slide it onto the lower white part of the eye;
  4. Gently squeeze the lens between your index finger and thumb (always on the same hand) and remove it. Until you have some experience you should try to keep your nails short so as to avoid trauma and accidental scratches;
  5. Place the colored cosmetic lenses , just removed, in the appropriate lens holder , after filling it with the appropriate single solution. Never rinse your lenses with tap water (Come and discover our " lens case kits " of different shapes and colors and our " unique solutions ");
  6. Repeat the same procedure with the other eye.


    • It is preferable to wear colored lenses before applying make-up to avoid getting them dirty with make-up. Instead, remove them before removing make-up to avoid damaging it.
    • If you have never worn contact lenses, wear them for a short time to avoid inflaming the eye. After getting used to them, you can wear them for a longer time but it is advisable not to exceed 8/10 hours.
    • If you have dry eyes lubricate with one or two drops of eye drops/artificial tears. If you increase the dose the lens could slip and therefore not remain in the right position.
    • Practicing is key. The sooner you get used to it, the easier it will be. Over time this operation will become very easy even without a mirror.
    • Wash the area around your eyes to remove mucus that has dried around your eyes.
    • If you apply the lenses with dry fingers they will adhere better and therefore their insertion will be easier.
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