Eulenspiegel Aquacolor 20 ml – Rainbow Magic

Eulenspiegel Aquacolor Rainbow Magic 20 ml

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Eulenspiegel Aquacolor Rainbow Magic in pod. It can be used with a brush or a latex sponge.

Format: 20 ml.

Combined purchase advice: Natural effect lenses , Cosplay lenses , Semi-permanent shades.

Eulenspiegel Aquacolor Rainbow Magic 20 ml - Sacadranca Shop

Eulenspiegel Aquacolor Rainbow Magic (Rainbow) in pod, size 20 ml. It can be used with a brush or a latex sponge.

With a pod, in 20 ml format, you can make up 50 faces or half body.


Intense and highly pigmented colors

The original water-based professional make-up products by Eulenspiegel are highly pigmented and therefore particularly intense. In this way they guarantee a high covering power and are easily applicable on the skin.

Compliance with the Rule. on cosmetic products
Eulenspiegel's intense and vibrant professional make-up colors are produced in accordance with the Cosmetics Regulation. We only use pigments of category 1 which can be used for cosmetic products without any limitation.
Respect for humans and animals
Eulenspiegel's professional make-up colors do not contain substances of animal origin (vegan) and have excellent skin tolerability which has been dermatologically tested, but not on animals.
Easy on - Easy off
Eulenspiegel's original water-soluble professional make-up colors dry quickly on the skin and are therefore easily applied. At the same time they are easily removable with soap and water. Easy on - easy off.
Strict controls
Eulenspiegel's professional make-up colors, tolerable to the skin, comply with the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48 / EC and are subjected to strict controls.
Gluten free
Our professional make-up colors are gluten-free and therefore suitable for celiacs.
Without perfuming substances and UV filters
Eulenspiegel professional colors for make-up are produced without the addition of fragrances or UV filters that are harmful to health, thus significantly reducing the risk of allergies in daily life.
Without parabens and IPA
Eulenspiegel's professional water-based make-up products contain neither parabens nor PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons).
Modern PVC-free packaging
Eulenspiegel's original make-up colors are supplied in modern packaging. All our blisters are in PET.

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