Nose Putty by Kryolan – Formato 20 g

Kryolan Nose Putty 20 g

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Excellent quality , at the TOP in the reference market.

Format: 20g.

Kryolan Nose Putty 20 g - Sacadranca Shop

Kryolan Nose Putty is a wax-based preparation for altering the natural shape of the nose.

The amount of product required should be massaged between the fingers , after being suitably smoothed on the knuckles of the hand. Fingers must be moistened to prevent the paste from sticking to the fingers.

The small preliminary wax model must then be transferred to the nasal septum, after which it will be possible to model the structure according to your wishes.

Before applying make-up the wax must be treated with a sealant .

Format of 20 grams.

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