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Hibes Single Solution ALL

ONE 100 ml + Lens Case

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Hibes Single Solution ALL-IN-ONE consisting of 100 ml .

Free lens holder.

Disinfects, preserves, cleanses, rinses and hydrates.

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The single solution HIBES is a unique product to perform all those operations of maintenance of contact lenses .

The cleansing action allows you to dissolve and remove all the deposits that accumulate daily on the colored and non-colored contact lenses.

The disinfectant action allows to effectively fight the microorganisms that can contaminate the contact lenses.

The HIBES unique solution is also ideal for moisturizing and rinsing lenses before and / or after application.

Format: 100 ml.


  • Wash and dry hands thoroughly;
  • Place the lenses in the special case;
  • Fill with unique solution HIBES ;
  • Leave a few hours or better overnight;
  • Before removing the lenses from the case shake slightly ;
  • Rinse and clean , if necessary, with the ALL-IN-ONe solution before applying.

"DON'T TOUCH" method:

  • Wash hands and dry them carefully with a clean cloth;
  • To avoid confusion, always start treatment with the same lens;
  • Remove the lens from the eye and place it on the palm of the hand adding a single quantity of solution sufficient to completely wet the lens;
  • Rub gently with movement "back and forth" , both surfaces of the lens for at least 15-20 seconds using a finger of the other hand;
  • Rinse carefully and abundantly the lens with the ALL-IN-ONE solution Hibes in order to remove all traces of deposits;
  • Place the lens in the special container;
  • Repeat the operations for the other lens;
  • Fill the container with solution up to dosing line ;
  • Close the container carefully and leave the lenses immersed for at least 2-3 hours or overnight ;
  • Before applying in the eyes, rinse with the liquid.


There are no known contraindications, except in the case of allergy or hypersensitivity specific to some component.


  • Sterile product until the bottle is opened;
  • Close the bottle tightly after use;
  • Use the product within 90 days of first opening;
  • Keep away from heat sources and out of reach of children;
  • Do not ingest;
  • Do not use the product if allergic to any of the components;
  • Consult a professional before using any ophthalmic medicine while wearing soft contact lenses;
  • Store the single Hibes solution at a temperature between 8 ° C and 30 ° C.

Adverse Reactions:

In case of persistent or progressive irritation, discontinue the use of colored contact lenses and consult your ophthalmologist


Polyhexamethylenebiguanide 0.0001 g, Sodium edetate 0.100 g, Methyloxirane polymer 1.00 g, Polyquatemium 2 0.006 g, Isotonic solution viscous and buffered at pH 7.2 q.s. to 100 ml.

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