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Crazy Color Hot Purple

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Vibrant color for your ideal look.

Better results on platinum blonde or bleached hair.

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Crazy Color Hot Purple semi permanent cream dye.

It is the most famous line of semi-permanent colors for those who love to give their hair a color brilliant and unique . Many colors for a "crazy" and fashion look.

The color Crazy Color does not damage the hair as the product is free of ammonia and derivatives , but nourishes and regenerates the hair fiber because it is a plant-based cream . The hair after coloring is softer, healthier and hydrated . The duration of the dye color may vary due to various factors (for example the frequency with which you wash your hair or the shade used), on average it ranges from two weeks to month of time.

Crazy Color by Renbow is for you if you want:

  • A bright and decisive color on bleached hair
  • Add shine, color shots and energy to natural / colored hair
  • A touch of color and light on light hair

IF YOU HAVE NEVER COLORED YOUR HAIR, a test is recommended:

  • Get a pair of gloves. Crazy Color dyes are semi-permanent but can generate annoying spots on the skin during application
  • To begin with, clean a small area of ​​skin for testing. It is recommended to test the product in areas such as the inside of the arm or behind the ears. Apply a small drop of vegetable dye to the clean area and leave it on the skin for as long as possible (48 hours is recommended). Allergies are very rare. If you notice any abnormal reactions such as itching, redness or swelling during this test, DO NOT apply the product.


  • Avoid dandruff shampoo. This shampoo contains ingredients to thoroughly remove dandruff from skin and hair. It can then remove the color faster.
  • Avoid frequent sunbathing. Too much sun damages the hair
  • Avoid the swimming pool. The chlorine will remove the color from the hair.
  • Use professional shampoo and conditioner. Useful for keeping the color bright and alive.
  • Rinse hair with cold water after shampooing. The cuticles will close and the color will be bright and bright.

TO REMOVE THE COLOR FROM THE SKIN use alcohol or baking soda. Apply one of the previous products on a cotton pad and gently rub the desired part.

PLEASE NOTE: Follow the instructions on the back of the bottle Crazy Color to obtain the desired effect.

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