Sacadranca Collection is a series of articles from our blog, in which we will present different titles, including anime, manga, etc. where our brand has prepared a collection of dedicated colored lenses. In fact, thanks to the help of our sponsors, we will show you some dedicated cosplay, with the relative lenses worn, in order to recommend the most suitable lenses for your next cosplay!


Plot: Tanjiro is the eldest son of a large fatherless family who lives in an isolated mountain house in the woods. One day the boy goes to town alone to sell coal, because, due to a heavy snowfall, the snowy path is too difficult for his little brothers. Unable to return home before dusk, a family friend urges him to spend the night with him at the foot of the mountain, advising him not to enter the woods at night, due to a rumor concerning the presence of nocturnal demons in the area. . The story was true and it was Tanjiro's family that paid the consequences; in fact, returning home the following morning, he finds a heartbreaking scene: they have all been mauled, except his sister Nezuko, who has become a demon. Now begins an adventurous journey in search of a cure to make Nezuko human again and in doing so Tanjiro will have to train hard to join the demon hunters.


Tanjiro - Sacadranca Collection

Tanjiro Kamado

Personality: Kind, Determined, Empathic

Lenses for Tanjiro

Lenti Cosplay Premium Tanjiro 14 mm - Foto espositiva

Nezuko - Sacadranca Collection

Nezuko Kamado

Personality: Kind, Generous / Fearless and Unscrupulous

Lenses for Nezuko

Lenti Cosplay Nezuko Demon 14.5 mm

Rui - Sacadranca Collection


Personality: Quiet, authoritarian, Cruel

Lenses for Rui

Haha - Sacadranca Collection

Daemon Spider Mother (Haha)

Personality: Cruel, Feeleless, Fragile

Lenses for Haha

Rengoku Kyoujurou

Personality: Lovable, Pure-hearted, Valiant Warrior

Lenses for Rengoku


Personality: Strong, Stubborn and Lover of fights

Lenses for Akaza

Muzan Kibutsuji

Personality: Cold, Ruthless, Intimidating

Lenses for Muzan

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