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STILL SINGLE SOLUTION 100ml. COMPOSITION Sodium tetraborate decahydrate 0.085%, Boric acid 0.430%, Disodium EDTA 0.100%, Polyquaternium 2 0.001%, PHMB 0.0001%, Sodium hyaluronate, TSP, purified water...
Sodium tetraborate decahydrate 0.085%, Boric acid 0.430%, Disodium EDTA 0.100%, Polyquaternium 2 0.001%, PHMB 0.0001%, Sodium hyaluronate, TSP, purified water to taste at 100%.
The solution is indicated for the conservation, disinfection, rinsing, cleansing, hydration, daily removal of mucus-protein deposits from all types of contact lenses.
Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly with a clean cloth. To avoid confusion, always start treatment with the same lens.
Remove the lens from the eye and place it on the palm of your hand, adding a quantity of solution sufficient to completely wet the lens.
Gently rub in a back and forth motion, both surfaces of the lens for at least 10-15 seconds, using the finger of your other hand.
Rinse the lens carefully and abundantly with the solution to remove all traces of deposits.
Place the lens in the appropriate container. Repeat for the other lens. -Fill the container with the solution up to the dosing line.
Close the container carefully and leave the lenses immersed for at least 5-7 minutes. Before applying them to your eyes, rinse them with the solution.
Before applying them, rinse them with the solution.


Yes, all our lenses are opaque, even on dark eyes.

Yes, the lenses are exactly as in the photo. To give greater security and clarity on the lenses and to give an idea of ​​what they really look like, we have also added a live photo for each pair of lenses, taken by us. This way you can choose based on a real photo and not just a drawing.

The replacement item means after how long the lenses should be thrown away. This means that, taking quarterly magazines for example, they will have to be thrown away 90 days after first use.

For a detailed guide on the maintenance and safety of our cosmetic lenses we invite you to read our post on the company blog where any doubts will be removed.

Both of these two situations are strongly discouraged as they could lead to irritation and eye infections.

Yes, all the materials our lenses are made of are safe if properly maintained. Furthermore, the lenses are extremely comfortable and have good breathability for the passage of oxygen.

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Standard lenses, i.e. those that have the same diameter as our iris, are 14 mm. We also have the 14.5 mm ones in our catalogue, which are slightly wider than the standard ones but are very similar. If you want a so-called "big eyes" effect, we recommend 15 mm diameter lenses. After which we move on to 17 mm in diameter, called "mini sclera". Finally we have the lenses that cover the eye entirely. These are called "sclera", they have a diameter of 22 mm and give a paranormal and inimitable appearance.

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