Sacadranca points

View your profile

You can view your profile in the icon shown above, present on the homepage of
By opening the icon, the menu will appear and after logging in it will be possible to check your balance, invite a friend, view how to earn and redeem points.

Receiving Sacadranca points

Below are the ways you can earn Sacadranca points.

Create an account

You can create an account to receive 5 points.

The more you spend, the more you save

You will earn 1 point for every euro spent on

Points will be credited to your account once you confirm delivery and complete your order.

Points will be rounded down.
Example: for a purchase of €20.70, 20 points will be credited.

"Happy birthday"

With the Sacadranca points program, you can receive 8 points on your birthday.

Enter the date of your birthday, on that day you will receive the points in your account.

You will not earn points if the date entered is within the 30 days.

Follow Instagram and TikTok

You will earn 10 points by following sacadranca_shop on Instagram and 10 points by following sacadranca_shop on TikTok.
The "follow-unfollow" action will not allow you to earn points.

Referral Program

You can invite your friend via Facebook or Email with the "Referrer" options, after the invited friend has registered and placed an order and it will be successful, both you and the friend can earn 5 points.

Use of Sacadranca points

50 points = €2 off (no minimum purchase amount)
100 points = €4 discount (on a minimum purchase of €35)
200 points = €8 discount (on a minimum purchase of €90)

Any temporary initiatives will give the possibility to spend the points on offers other than those listed above.

Viewing Sacadranca points

Log into your Sacadranca account and click on "My Balance" to see your balance.

Information on the validity period of Sacadranca points

Sacadranca points will expire after a period of inactivity. The points are valid for 6 months, if in this period no other points are earned or the accumulated ones are not spent, they will be canceled from your account.

Return of Sacadranca points

  1. If the customer cancels an order, the points earned from that order will automatically be deducted from their points balance.
  2. If you request a return, once received in the warehouse, the points earned from that order will automatically be deducted from your customer's account. It may take up to 24 hours for points to sync to your account.
  3. If the customer uses their points to access discounts to be used for an order and then cancels said order or returns the item, their points will not be refunded.

Any suspicious activity carried out by a customer, regarding the use of points, will be subjected to a check by our staff.
If we determine a customer's points earning/spending activity to be fraudulent, the points earned/spent in that action will be canceled from their account, without the possibility of a refund, and void all activity related to it.

Please note: Points are awarded at the company's sole discretion and are subject to the company's terms and conditions which may be changed at any time.