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Avocado Lens Case Kit (+ Variants)

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Available in different colors !!

Dimensions: 7.6 cm x 2.7 cm

Combined purchase advice (link): Cosplay lenses , Natural lenses , Unique solution .


Nice Avocado Lens Kit available in different variants.

You can always carry with you everything you need to wear the lenses Sacadranca in the most comfortable and simple way possible.


The Avocado Lens Kit with plastic case contains:

  • Lens holder where to store contact lenses with the unique solution (Discover our unique solutions here: https://www.sacadranca.com/categoria-prodotto/soluzioni -accessories-for-lenses / unique-solutions / );
  • Internal mirror to help you put on and remove colored lenses and to give, at any time, a look at your look;
  • Plastic tweezers to reduce contact with the hands of the lenses Sacadranca . They are also equipped with a rubber cap in the tips for a more delicate contact with the lenses. So you can wear the lenses at any time in total safety.
  • Stick with suction cup for easier and more effective insertion of cosmetic lenses. It is simply necessary to place the lens on the suction cup holding the stick vertically. We recommend rinsing the suction cup with the one-time solution before use to disinfect it.
  • Single solution vial to always carry a small amount of liquid with you to keep the lenses disinfected wherever you are or to replace it inside the lens holder.

Dimensions (Measured in the widest / longest parts of the case):

Width : 7.5 cm;

Height : 2.7 cm.

Useful information about:

Safety and maintenance of contact lenses: https://www.sacadranca.com/sicurezza-e-manistenza-delle-lenti-a-contatto/

Inserting and removing lenses by Sacadranca: https://www.sacadranca.com/come-mettere-e-togliere-le-lenti-a- contact-sacadranca /

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