1. Colored Natural Lenses Ruby Pearl – Cover
  2. Lenti Colorate Effetto Naturale Ruby Pearl – Colore Occhi: Chiaro
  3. Lenti Colorate Effetto Naturale Ruby Pearl – Colore Occhi: Chiaro
  4. Lenti Naturali Ruby Pearl – Foto lente

Ruby Pearl 14.20 mm

Urban Layer Colored Lenses

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Caratteristiche del prodotto

Diametro (mm)
Curvatura (mm)
% di Acqua
Silicone Hydrogel
Foro Centrale
Urban Layer
2 Lenti + Portalenti
Annuale (1anno)
Uso abituale, 3 mesi (info in descrizione)

Ultra soft contact lenses (DIA: 14.20 mm) with free lens case.

Excellent quality and excellent coverage on any eye color.

Realistic and natural effect for everyday life.

Combined purchase advice (link): Solutions / Accessories for lenses


The colored lenses with natural effect Ruby Pearl Blue Gray by Sacadranca are of excellent quality, very comfortable and have excellent coverage on any color of the iris.

If you use daily or frequently it is strongly recommended to replace QUARTERLY for hygienic reasons and to always obtain the maximum comfort from our lenses.

natural effect lenses should be stored in the special unique solution (Discover our unique solutions here: https://www.sacadranca.com/categoria- product / solutions-accessories-for-lenses / unique-solutions / )


Lens name: Ruby Pearl
Color: Blue - Gray (Gray)
Diopters: Without diopters
Curvature (BC): 8.70 mm
Diameter (DIA): 14.20 mm
Replacement: Annual
Content: 2 lenses + lens case
Material type: Silicone Hydrogel
Water content (%): 40%

Useful information about:

Safety and maintenance of contact lenses: https://www.sacadranca.com/sicurezza-e-manistenza-delle-lenti-a-contatto/

Inserting and removing lenses by Sacadranca : https://www.sacadranca.com/come-mettere-e-togliere-le-lenti-a- contact-sacadranca /

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