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Kryolan Pros

Aide Adhesive 15 ml

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ADM Tronics sticker for special effects.

15 ml format.


Pros-Aide is an ADM Tronics adhesive for special effects. This glue is a preparation with exceptional adhesive capacity and is used to bond foam applications and other three-dimensional prostheses or to smooth the transition areas between skin and prosthesis.

Use a cotton swab to apply Pros-Aide to the skin and to the prosthesis to be applied. Let dry slightly and and press the object to stick on the affected area. To smooth the edges, use a silicone sponge to stake Pros-Aide on the edges of the prosthesis then powder.

To thicken Pros-Aide we recommend using Kryosil.

To remove Pros-Aide use Special Adhesive B Solvent and Thinner.

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