Frequent questions


1. Are your colored lenses opaque?

Yes, all of our lenses are opaque, even on dark eyes.

2. Do the contact lenses match the photos exactly?

Yes, the lenses are exactly as pictured. To give greater safety and clarity on the lenses and to give an idea of ​​what they really are we have also added a live photo for each pair of lenses, taken right by us. So you can choose based on a real photo and not just a drawing.

3. What does replacement mean? What is the difference between annual and quarterly?

The replacement item means after how long the lenses should be thrown away. This means that, let's take quarterly reports for example, after 90 days from the first use they will have to be thrown away.

4. How do I maintain the lenses? Can I wear them safely?

For a detailed guide on the maintenance and safety of our cosmetic lenses, we invite you to read our post on the company blog where all doubts will be removed (link post).

5. Can I sleep or shower with colored contact lenses?

Both situations are strongly discouraged as they could lead to eye irritation and infection.

6. Is the type of material from which the colored contact lens is made safe?

Yes, all the materials our lenses are made of are safe when properly maintained. Furthermore, the lenses are extremely comfortable and have good transpiration for the passage of oxygen.

7. I am looking for a product that is not in your catalogue. Could you add it?

Any advice is welcome. We are constantly looking for new products and improvements to make your experience in the Sacadranca world more pleasant and useful. All this to try to respond to your every single interest and/or need. Send your suggestions to

8. Can you explain to me why the different sizes?

The standard lenses, i.e. those that have the same diameter as our iris, are the 14 mm ones. We also have the 14.5mm ones in the catalog, which are slightly wider than the standard ones but are very similar. If you want a so-called "big eyes" effect, we recommend the 15 mm diameter lenses. After that we move on to the 17 mm diameter, called "mini sclera". Finally we have lenses that completely cover the eye. These are called "sclera", have a diameter of 22 mm and give a paranormal and inimitable appearance.


1. What payment and shipping methods are available?

We have designed a special section dedicated to these topics for you. If you have any doubts or want more information about it, visit the "shipping and payment link" section or contact us directly (contact section link).

2. I forgot my password. What should I do?

On the screen where you log into your account you will find a link that says "Lost your password?". Click on it and follow the procedure to reset your password

3. How do I change information about me (e.g. address)?

Inside your account, under the heading address you will find your info. In case you need to make changes, you will see the edit button under the heading "billing address" or "shipping address".

4. I have more questions, how can I contact you?

For further questions you can contact us directly by e-mail or Whatsapp. You will find our contact details in the “ Contact Us ” section.